Port Hacking Open Sailing Club Inc.

Club Rules and Policies


For the safety, comfort and convenience of members, the following Club Rules are to be observed:

  1. Swimming from the Club premises is not allowed while boats are racing.
  2. Do not damage or deface Club property.
  3. Do not borrow gear without the permission of the owner.
  4. Except on Race Days, the boat sheds must not be left unlocked. Members sailing on non-race days should lock the sheds before going onto the water.
  5. Offensive language by members during Club activities can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment to other Club members so please act accordingly.
  6. Clear the ramp as quickly as possible when launching or returning to the Club.
  7. Keep all your gear together and do not take up more deck space than you need.
  8. Place all rubbish in the bins provided.
  9. Care for the environment and do not allow potential pollutants to enter the waterway.
  10. Use the Club’s access road quietly and with consideration for the neighbours.
  11. Do not intrude on neighbouring properties.
  12. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the sheds, clubhouse or on the boat deck.
  13. No dogs are permitted within Club House premises.
  14. Whether a visiting skipper or crew, you are requested to complete a visitor book entry each time prior to racing and non race sailing at PHOSC.
  15. All people taking part in sailing activities (dinghies, rescue, land based activities etc) are required to be a member of PHOSC or another club affiliated with Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number. 
  16. All sailors are to comply with the racing rules of the club.
  17. All boats must sign on and sign off on the day of racing for safety purposes. Boats who fail to do this will be disqualified from the race and lose any points achieved during the race.
  18. All boats must maintain up to date 3rd party insurance (at owners expence)
  19. Club Key are only to be held by allocated committe members and are not allowed to be loaned out to members or to the public.
  20. Junior sailors are required to wear their "Club Yowie" or SailPass wrist bands at the club

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