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Hi everyone,

our Support Boat roster is an essential part of the clubs commitment to safety during sailing events.

When rostered on or asked to be part of the support boat team, please make every effort to attend on the day, if you are unavailable please arrange to swap with someone else for the day,  or ask the co-ordinator to find a replacement, well in advance if possible.

Scott Roberts, Phil Treloar, Russell Sullivan, Mick Armstrong, Col Tasker, James Birdsall, or Travis Reid can provide a familiarisation tour of the boat if your assisting for the day.

If you arrange a support boat roster swap, please inform the starter of the day or myself ASAP.

The weekly roster & the support boat operating guidelines are available in the >>>  DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENTS tab under "Club Racing" on the website.

Thankyou in advance for everyones co-operation.

If you know of a responsible adult that would like be trained up to to join our support boat team on a regular basis, please let me know.


Scott Roberts
PHOSC Commodore



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