Port Hacking Open Sailing Club Inc.


SailPASS : A Free Introductory/Temporary Membership

  • SailPASS allows people to register as temporary members at the club for a single day. You will need a new SailPASS each time you sail

  • You are limited to a   MAXIMUM of 3 SailPASS's   before you are required to take out a full club membership.

  • SailPASS holders will be current/active in the revSPORT system for the day/s that you have registered

  • SailPASS or Club membership (either full or temporary) is compulsory before you get onto a boat. 

  • SailPASS is a temporary membership that provides you with Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance coverage.

  • You will be issued a wrist band that you must wear on the day. Show your SailPASS confirmation to the canteen manager, the starter or to a club official before you sail to be issued your wrist band.

SailPass wrist band

  • Contact us if you have any questions or when you want to upgrade to full membership. 



How to register:

1. Previously Sailed with any sailing club?

If you have been enrolled in a sailing club before or have had a SailPASS previously, you can register using your existing Australian Sailing (AS) number. 

Forgotten AS Number?



2. New to SailPASS?

If you have never registered for a SailPASS and don't have an Australian Sailing registration number click on the 'Don't have an Australian Sailing Number?' link at the bottom of this page below the "Next step" button



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