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SailGP- Laurens Story

Published Wed 29 Dec 2021

Hi Scott,

Thankyou for the opportunity to do the Sail GP Inspire event. It was so much fun! I learnt so many new things and a lot of sailing terms and techniques from the coach and the person I ended up sailing with, Alec. Just thought I’d send a rundown of how the days went and also some pictures!

Day 1:

We did some practice races, sailed out in the harbour, and watched the F50s as they raced around a bigger version of the course we completed. We got so many closeup views of the boats and even got to witness the crash between Great Britain and Japan.

Day 2:

We got to meet some of the sailors, see all the F50s in their tents and get a few autographs too. We had a boat ride under the harbour bridge, sailed in the harbour even though it was so windy, capsized a couple times and got to watch the F50s again, and see the F50 final. The Australians won of course and we got to stand up and get our awards right before they came onto the stage to collect theirs. To end another great day we got the hats we were given signed by the one and only skipper of the Australian team, Tom Slingsby!

This was such a great opportunity. I learnt so much about how to sail on windier days, so much about the F50 boats and how the parts of their boats help create the speeds they can get up to. Thanks again for such an incredible experience. Woollahra Sailing Club was so welcoming and the people there are amazing.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite official photos, together with some of our own photos and videos (here).

All of the official Sail GP pictures are at this link (here).




Lauren Gray next to"Boat 4" an RS Feva dinghy, racing for PHOSC & SailGP TeamUSA at Sydney Harbour

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